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Honeybadger is a 3 piece band based in Brighton. We formed in 2016 and we comprise of brothers Eddy (Guitar/vocals) and Joe (Drums/backing vocals) and brother from another mother Luca ( Bass/backing vocals ).

Influenced by bands such as The White Stripes,  Nirvana,  Arctic Monkeys and QOTSA. We bring our own sound of original material designed to make you feel the raw energy and power of what music can bring to your life. Its all about the music and the live gig experience.

Much love to you all. Let's create something together.

Joe = Drums/B VOX


I started playing drums at 11 when I got jealous of Eddy's guitar. I was always surrounded by it be it Led Zeppelin in the kitchen soundsystem or The Kinks in the car, I was in the constant presence of music.

Before I had my own drum kit, I would practice what I'd learnt in lessons on pots and pans in my room, untill I was good enough to get my first drum kit, the Mapex Tornado.

Eddy = Guitar/LEAD VOX


I got a half size electric guitar for my 6th birthday and been playing ever since.

My influences are Jack White, Demob Happy, Nirvana. These have all influenced our big live sound.

Very proud to say that we have zero musical grades between us.

Luca = Bass/B VOX


Raised on all types of music, I found a love for rock early on with Nirvana and Led Zeppelin as the favourite bands of my youth.

As my taste developed further I began to play the bass guitar and I found the rhythm section to be my home.

I then joined Honeybadger at school, and together we forged a formidable unit - holding down the groove has never been easier than with the Widdows brothers.


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We love the energy of playing live.
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The Amersham Arms, New Cross Road, London
Polarized Eyes // Honeybadger // Hotwax // Sandcastle Jesus

Sat, 6 Jun 2021

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The Fiddler's Elbow, Camden, London
A Few Too Many // Fairway Band // DoubleA // Ghost Arcadia // Honeybadger

Sat, 17 Jul 2021

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